Important things that are not covered by ObamaCare

Important things that are not covered by ObamaCare

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Important things that are not covered by ObamaCare
23 Jul 2017

Important things that are not covered by ObamaCare

For many people, the Affordable Care Act has greatly improved access to health insurance.  Affordable Care Act awards individuals with preexisting health issues insurance, and it offers essential health benefits that cover emergency services, behavioral treatment, hospitalization, pregnancy care, and a range of other things. However, there are still a couple of things that are not covered by Obamacare.

Certain services that may seem vital to you may not be considered essential by your insurance company or by the law because the Act was created by bureaucrats (Congress).  Congress designed the Act to be consistent across the board so that carriers and consumers would be able to make their choices comfortably.  Because of this, the availability of specific services varies from state to state, and from one insurance plan to another. Here are some of the things not includes in ObamaCare:


The only states that cover termination for pregnancy are Vermont and Hawaii.  Depending on the state one lives in, an abortion can cost a lot of money, ranging from $400 to $1,650. This is a hefty price for someone to pay out of pocket or budget for.  Even though state law does not prohibit health insurers from covering abortions, many do not, which is a cause of concern in this contemporary society.

Dental care for adults

Dental care is necessary for everyone. Typically, children that are younger than 18 are covered in some way, however, the scenario is different for adults.  Some marketplace policies do not include dental care for adults, which is why many people are forced to invest in separate dental insurance.

Long term care

Anyone can require long-term care as a result of a sudden illness or an accident. Although the treatments given during long-term care are covered by insurance, the enduring care itself, which includes assistance for day to day things, is not covered by Medicare or ACA insurance plans. To get this coverage, you have to invest in it separately through long-term care insurance or through a life insurance policy with a care rider for long term purposes.

Adult eye care

Like Dental care, the Act awards care for children. Some policies out there cover adults; however, most in the marketplace do not.  Unlike dental care, it is impossible to purchase an adult eye care plan through the government insurance marketplace. Instead, you have to rely on a broker, insurance agent or purchase directly from an insurance company of your choice.


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