Smart tricks used by the best Amazon shoppers

Smart tricks used by the best Amazon shoppers

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Smart tricks used by the best Amazon shoppers
15 Jul 2017

Smart tricks used by the best Amazon shoppers

Amazon is preferred by many for its variety, affordable prices, and its convenience.  To shop successfully, you need to be aware of some of the tricks and tips that can allow you to reap more benefits while shopping online.  Here are some time-honored tricks that can allow you to save while shopping on Amazon:

Donate while shopping

As you shop, do not forget to donate to charities through the Amazon Prime Smile program.  You can support a charitable organization by shopping at, which donates 0.5% of the price to an eligible organization of your choosing. This is not only a great way to feel good while shopping, but it also allows you to support a worthy cause.

Use your best credit card to pay

When shopping, try and use a card that rewards you for shopping online at Amazon. This allows you to save big on select purchases while racking up points for your credit score. For instance, the official Amazon Chase bank card is perfect for saving while shopping.

Watch out for expected deliveries

If you are waiting for a delivery from Amazon, be sure to keep an eye out for the package so that you can determine whether it arrived in the expected period.  If you do not receive your package at the expected time, you can receive a one-month extension on your Amazon Prime membership or you can receive a refund of the shipping costs alternatively; either way, you win.

Get cash back after price drops

One of the most annoying things that can happen while shopping on Amazon is paying for a product right before the product goes on sale. If this happens on Amazon, all you have to do is contact Amazon customer service via email, phone call or live chat and they will reimburse you the difference. This trick only applies to items that are shipped and sold on Amazon. The official policy states that you must contact customer care within 7 days of your delivery date.

Use Amazon’s trade-in program

Trade- in programs such as Gazelle can allow you to trade in your old device such as an old tablet; however, Amazon’s trade-in program can give you more value if you trade it in for an Amazon Gift Card.  For instance, a trade-in for an old iPhone 5 on Gazelle can get you $75, while trading in to Amazon can get you a gift card worth $225. This Amazon program allows trade-ins for DVDs, textbooks, as well as video games.


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