The benefits of cloud computing

The benefits of cloud computing

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The benefits of cloud computing
23 Jul 2017

The benefits of cloud computing

While motivation varies for migrating to cloud computing services, it is clear that businesses of all sizes can benefit by switching to cloud services.  Traditionally, people would run and access applications, programs, and software after downloading what they needed onto a PC or server. However, owing to the efficiency of cloud computing, nowadays people can access the same types of applications through the internet.

Every time you carry out day to day activities such as posting a picture on Instagram or Retweeting, you are using cloud computing.  In short, cloud computing has become part and parcel of modern life; and is quickly becoming the new normal.  By the end of 2016, 90% of all world businesses were estimated to use at least one cloud service, whether they were aware of it or not.  These are the benefits of cloud computing:


Cloud-based services are the best for businesses that want to grow or those that have fluctuating bandwidth demands.  If your needs increase while on the cloud, all you have to do is simply scale up your capacity. Likewise, it is also easy to scale down if you need to.  This flexibility and agility give businesses, especially small ones, the opportunity to grow and compete with larger corporations.

Additional storage

Organizations facing a storage crunch can stand to benefit a lot because cloud computing services offer businesses augmented storage space.  Clouds allow people to store data virtually on remote servers, which frees up the limited space that one may have on a device.

Heightened security

Cloud computing services are ideal because they ensure that your data is safe physically and virtually.  Cloud servers are typically safeguarded as they tend to be under surveillance and virtual protection from cyber attacks and hacking.

Disaster recovery

Businesses should invest in cloud computing for disaster recovery. Cloud-based solutions allow the implementation o cloud-based backup and recovery solutions, which save time and ensure safety.

Automatic updates

The beauty of cloud computing is that it ensures that updates occur automatically.  Since the servers are off-site, all you have to do is pay for the service and forget about it.  Your vendorsor suppliers ensure that your updates are taken care of, including security updates, so that you do not have to undertake the task yourself.

Work from anywhere

Because of cloud computing, it is now possible to work anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.  This is not only good for productivity, but it also improves collaboration between people in different locations or even continents.


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