The benefits of shopping on Amazon

The benefits of shopping on Amazon

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The benefits of shopping on Amazon
15 Jul 2017

The benefits of shopping on Amazon

There is no use denying it; shopping on Amazon is delightful!  This is why thousands of people are making the decision to pay $99 each year for Amazon’s Prime exclusive 2-day shipping on any orders of your choice.  Aside from the quick shipping, the membership programs alone offer you a number of perks, that when used, definitely allow you to enjoy a deal and bargain.  Here are some of the benefits of shopping on Amazon:

Speedy shipping

Amazon is proud of its fast shipping policies, which is a well-known perk that is enjoyed by Amazon Prime customers. Currently, members of Prime receive free 2-day shipping whenever they purchase items that are eligible and sold directly by Amazon.  Additionally, if you are not in a hurry to receive your product, you are eligible to receive a coupon in exchange for the no-rush shipping option. These freebies are great if you do not need your purchases immediately.

Plenty of media content

Amazon has everything under the sun to offer. If you are interested in streaming audiobooks, games, music, TV shows and games, Amazon Prime has the capability to enable you to do it all.  Prime members also enjoy an exclusive selection of original audio and video programs such as Amazon original movies and shows, audiobooks, and podcasts.  You can also subscribe to premium channels such as Showtime via Amazon to get discounts on standalone subscription prices.

Food delivery

Amazon offers customers a range of interesting ways that you can shop for your needs including food and groceries. Amazon now delivers food items to your doorstep, including perishable food and produce in select areas.  Prime Now can deliver a wide range of groceries within 2 hours at your doorstep.  So far, over 10,000 items can be ordered; however, the selection varies based on the location. Prime Now also delivers takeout from some of your favorite restaurants, but like all other options, the delivery depends on what your location is.

Shareable savings

If you are not sure about investing in an Amazon Prime membership, you also have the option to split the cost with another party, which allows you to share your membership. You can share your membership with another adult residing in the same household, especially if you have a roommate.

Low unbeatable prices

Another reason why people prefer Amazon over other retailers is the low prices. Since many of the goods available are re-sold by consumers, you can get gently used items at a lower price than you typically would at a retail store. 

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