The most common types of yoga that beginners should know

The most common types of yoga that beginners should know

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The most common types of yoga that beginners should know
23 Jul 2017

The most common types of yoga that beginners should know

If you have finally decided to give yoga a shot, congratulations! You are well on your way to attaining a balance of the mind, body, and soul. If you are completely new to the process, the different terms and phrases may already have you dizzy and almost discouraged. However, there is nothing to worry about; the many phrases just means that there is a wide array of options to suit everyone.

Like all other forms of exercise or training, it is essential to incorporate different varieties of yoga for you to see the results. Incorporating yoga as a daily practice has proven to help people remain balanced. As such, it is encouraged that you try out a range of different classes and styles that are taught by different teachers. Here are the most common types of yoga that beginners should know:


This is a gentle and slow paced variety of yoga that is ideal for beginners. It focuses on controlled breathing and holding poses for short durations. It is a good starting point as it consists of stress-relieving poses.  Comfort is essential when doing Hatha so loose clothing should be worn.


This is also sometimes defined as power yoga because it demands a lot from your body physically and energy-wise. This is for yogis that have been doing it for a while because it demands endurance and strength.  Fitted and stretchy outfits are more appropriate for this type of yoga because they will allow stretching and all manner of twisting.


This variety of yoga focuses on balanced breathing through the different movements and poses. It is the perfect kind of yoga for someone looking to lose weight because the fast pace that is required helps to burn calories. It requires supportive clothing such as sports bras for girls and outfits made from breathable fabrics.


This variety used straps and blocks to give your body the right alignment and support for your muscles. It is great for relieving muscle aches. Comfortable and loose clothing should be worn that allows your body to move freely.


Kundalini yoga involves chanting mantras and breathing through different energy movements. This variety is more spiritual and is ideal for people that practice yoga in all elements of life. Loose and relaxed clothing is ideal for Kundalini classes.


Bikram is also known as hot yoga and is a 90-minute practice of undertaking 26 poses in heat conditions of 105 degrees. Bikram is all about flexibility and the heat helps to improve one’s strength. Comfortable clothing that can absorb sweat, as well as a towel is required for Bikram yoga.


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